Scrutineering rules

Getting a logbook for your race car

First of all, find which sanctioning body you plan on competing with and read their rulebook carefully. Once you have decided which sanctioning body you want to go with, contact their chief scrutineer who will put you in touch with your local scrutineer. The local scrutineer will usually ask you for pictures of your build to make sure the main components are in place. When you are ready for the logbook to be issued, you'll have to get your car inspected by the scrutineer who will check the cage tubing, footings, welds, gussets and anchoring points for the seats and belts. If everything checks out, you will get a fresh logbook for your car.
The service is typically free but if you have the scrutineer come to you, you'll usually have to pay for the travel and time. 

Summary of rules and classes

The following document summarizes the main rules and classes of the sanctioning bodies operating in the northern America. It is not a replacement for the rulebooks of the individual sanctioning bodies but it provides a summary of what equipment are accepted and required to participate in the given series.

Scrutineering Master Sheet