Samsonas suspension

There are different basically 2 versions of the Samsonas gravel suspension. The club version that is very similar to the DMS setup we were using and the full spec that is 3-way adjustable with remote reservoirs (and hydro bump stops if you take the option).


The video below will walk you through the install of full spec DMS coilovers on an 04 Subaru STi with a side by side with the DMS suspension.

We also recommend using socks/covers to protect the coilovers from dirt/sand/water that can produce corrosion or damage seals. We recommend using SealSavers ProSeries Coil Savers size 2.0-2.5 (see video below). they come in pair so you will need 2 to cover the 4 shocks. You can find them at

The Outerwears sock covers don't really hold up do rally duty (for DMS shocks use


The Samsonas suspension comes with a damper setup sheet (see below) to setup your compression and rebound. The provided setup proved to be very good. In terms of alignment, we like a neutral car with 0 toe all around, our camber is usually around 1.5 degree, this is usually as good as it gets with the levels of grip we get on gravel (see alignment sample below). To match your driving style there are a number of parameters that you can tweak (see the Whiteline setup cheat sheet below), each car and driver is different so your mileage will vary!


Regular maintenance is key, usually just an annual regrease and seal inspection is enough but this will depend on the events you are doing (roughness, surface conditions, etc...). Here is a video on the basic maintenance for the Samsonas full spec suspension below. Note that the torque spec for the bottom nut is actually 70ft.lbs and not 40 ft.lbs as said in the video.

Great videos from our friend Dylan Gondyke on how to service the Samsonas club suspension below: