Road Racing


Going to the race track and experience exhilarating sensations driving at full speed, there is nothing else like it!

Whether it is called an HPDE (High Performance Driving Event) or a PDX (Performance Driving Experience), these are non-competitive events where drivers are put in different run groups from novices to experienced. An instructor usually rides along and all passes are made in a safe manner after the driver of the car being passed gave you a 'point-by' showing on what side he/she wants you to pass.

The tracks in the region that we are using are Lime Rock Park in CT, Thompson Speedway in CT, Palmer Motorsport Park in MA and New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

The SCCA offers an initiation program called Track Night in America to get a taste of the track in your car. Details and schedules here:

Clubs offering HPDE/PDX in the region:

    • SCCA: Both the Mohawk-Hudson and New England regions offer PDX at Lime Rock

    • SCDA: The SCDA has the largest program of HPDE at Lime Rock but also does few outings to other tracks

Time Trials

Several clubs offer time trials competition in the region:

Endurance Racing

Endurance racing involves multiple drivers taking turn for up to 24 hours of racing around a track. Consistency and reliability are key to a good result.

There are multiple forms of cheap endurance racing, there is a good tutorial here. The most popular series are:

We are currently running Ribbit! our 1979 Datsun 280ZX in the LeMons endurance series. If you want to rent a seat or join as as a pit crew contact us below.

Road Racing with Frog Racing

Interested in road racing with us? You have several options:

    • Pit Crew: Help the team at the track and enjoy the racing experience from the paddocks. Learn more about the Pit Crew activities on our 'Race with us' page.

    • Co-drive: Take the wheel and drive our car (contact us for more information)

    • Drive your own: Drive your own car and let us help you with setup, coaching and use our video/telemetry to improve your driving (check our Technology page and the video above).

Interested in joining us for our next road racing event? Contact us at