What is Rallycross?

Rallycross or RallyX events are run throughout the year in the region. The terrain varies from ice and snow in winter, to muddy surface in mid-season and dirt or gravel during the drier months. Grips is always a challenge and sliding quickly becomes a second natures. It is a great way to learn about car balance, left foot braking and other driving techniques.

As Autocross, Rallycross is run against the clock on a closed coursed defined by cones. Unlike Autocross, every run of the day counts in Rallycross so cone penalties (2 seconds like in AutoX) can cost you the victory at the end of the day as they all add-up! Also missing a gate and going off course inflicts a 16 seconds penalty...

We run most of our events with the SCCA New England region. The typical cost is about $60 per driver if you are an SCCA member and everything is run by volunteers, When you don't drive, you have to work and help out!

Check Justin Hughes' page How To Be A Rally Enthusiast On The Cheap.

Rallycrossing with Frog Racing

When you Autocross with us, you have several options:

    • Pit Crew: Help the team at the track and enjoy rides as a passenger. Learn more about the Pit Crew activities on our 'Race with us' page.

    • Co-drive: Take the wheel and drive our car as a 2nd driver (see video below).

    • Drive your own: Drive your own car and let us help you with setup, coaching and use our video/telemetry to improve your driving (check our Technology page and the video above).

Interested in joining us for our next Rallycross event? Contact us at info@frogracing.us