Le Toad

Our 2002 Rallycross WRX Wagon was entirely stock with additional skid plates to protect the transmission and differentials.

The 2.0L Turbo doesn't have much torque but when the turbo kicks in, watch for the mud flying all around! The 5-speed transmission was the real weak point of the car as we blew two of them in 2 seasons.

We mostly ran General Altimax Arctic tires on all surfaces.

We sold Le Toad around Christmas 2014.

The TGV (Tumble Gate Valves) were stuck when we got the car and the clutch+gearbox gave up at the first Test&Tune in 2013. We put a new set of stock shocks in fall 2013. Since then, the car has been rock solid (well protected by the skid plates) and we are pushing it!