BullFrog was sold on Feb 2016.

Our 1955 GMC 150 is a 3/4 ton NAPCO 4-wheel drive truck that is mostly original. The original Pontiac 283 (first and only V8 available in 1955) has been replaced by a BBC 402 and the NAPCO transfer case has been swapped for an NP 205. The truck still has the original manual steering and non-assisted drum brakes with a 4 speed manual transmission (everything old school!).

This is the original suspension so the truck is NOT lifted! The rims are still original 16.5 inches 8 lugs, but the tires are military Hummer tires (37 x 12.5) which is pretty much the last thing still available in 16.5.

For a little bit of history, GM didn't have 4-wheel drive on its trucks up to 1959 and it was using the NAPCO Powr-Pak fro the 4-wheel drive transformation. If the transformation was done at the factory (after 1956), the truck came with NAPCO emblems otherwise the transformation was done at the dealership and the truck retained the original logos (like this truck). More about the NAPCO story can be found at http://www.napco4x4.org/history.htm.

Feb 2014!

And yes, it sounds great!