What is Rallysprint?

Rallypsrints are mini stage rallies that have a compact format usually everything happening within the same day. They usually have a significant lower entry fee cost ($200-$250 range) than a stage rally but they do require the same safety equipment (logbooked rally car with up-to-date safety equipment, some grandfathered rollcage designs might still be allowed depending on the organization). The New England Region SCCA organizes them year around on gravel, ice and snow. NASA started a few tarmac events in the KY area on tarmc.

The main organizations for rallysprints are:

Rallysprint tech inspection

Rallysprints have more thorough technical inspections than rallycross. Check the video below for the main points of how rallysprint tech works:


While the driver drives the car, the docdriver has a very important role to call the pace notes and even more. Watch the video below to learn more about codriving.

Understanding time cards

We made a tutorial video to understand time cards and how to fill them up:


Check our Rally Car Prep page for a list of safety equipment required in the car.

In case of an accident on stage and the need to quickly extract a person from a car, check the useful FIA Safety Extraction Guide attached at the bottom of this page, especially the section about the quick modified Rautek maneuver.

Rallysprint with Frog Racing

When you stage rally with us, you have several options:

    • Pit Crew: Help the team at the service area, pass tech inspection, perform maintenance and repair, provide support to the driver and co-driver. Opportunities to join us for the recce and also spectate on stage! Learn more about the Pit Crew activities on our 'Race with us' page or watch our Pit Crew training video:

    • Co-driver/Navigator: The codriver/navigator is very important as the driver relies on the pace notes to stay on the road and negotiate the stages at maximum speed. Managing time cards and the schedule is also a primary skill of a navigator. You can train with us during the hillclimb series or rallysprint which are simplified events that run on more compact formats. Full safety equipment is required (fireproof racing suit, helmet, head&neck restraint).

    • The Jemba pace note system is described here: http://www.jemba.se/notesUSA.htm

    • Drive your own: Drive your own car and let us help you with setup and pit service.

Interested in joining us for our next stage rally event? Contact us at info@frogracing.us