Ice Racing

Wheel to wheel Ice Racing

Winter time is no off season, get a frozen lake, plow a track on it and you are ready to experience wheel-to-wheel ice racing.

We are lucky in the region to have the AMEC Ice Racing series in NY state. They have a number of lakes they organize races on between January and March.

They have multiple categories from street legal cars (2 or 4 wheel driver, snow tires or studded tires) to the fully prepped race cars with specific ice racing tires.

The cost is pretty low at about $50 for a day of racing and the crowd is extremely friendly. Even if contact between cars is forbidden in street legal classes, accidents can happen and there is always a risk when you go racing.

Here is a video of our first experience with AMEC:

Ice Cross

Ice cross is like an autocross on ice. It usually happens on a frozen lake during the winter season.

The BMW CCA Boston Chapter organizes an Ice Cross series in Newfound Lake NH.

Some NER SCCA Rallycross events during the winter are also very similar to Ice Cross but they are on firm ground and not a lake. A good example is the winter RallyX at Canaan Speedway in NH.

Ice Racing with Frog Racing

Interested in ice racing with us? You have several options:

    • Pit Crew: Help the team at the track and enjoy the racing experience from the paddocks. Learn more about the Pit Crew activities on our 'Race with us' page.

    • Co-drive: Take the wheel and drive our car (contact us for more information)

    • Drive your own: Drive your own car and let us help you with setup, coaching and use our video/telemetry to improve your driving (check our Technology page and the video above).

Interested in joining us for our next ice racing event? Contact us at