2015 Season

Here are videos of the events we attended in 2015 (starting with the most recent)

Wolf Chase RallyX

PSCC Fall rallycross

  • Emmanuel Cecchet: 1st place RallyX MA class

Empire State Performance Rally

Braking news: Frog Racing finishes 3rd at the Empire State Performance Rally in the PrincesSTI!

Link to Press Release

    • Emmanuel Cecchet/Scott Clark: 3rd place overall and 3rd place in OAH

Cummington Rallycross

  • Emmanuel Cecchet: 1st place RallyX MA class

LeMons Endurance Race @ New Hampshire Motor Speedway

    • Emmanuel Cecchet/Scott Clark/Tom Kimsey/Kevin Brolin: 19th overall

Okemo rallycross

  • Emmanuel Cecchet: 2nd place RallyX MA class

SCCA Rallysprint 2 @ Team O'Neil Rally school

    • Emmanuel Cecchet/Dan Downey: 5th in class (Open AWD)

LeMons Endurance Race @ Thompson Speedway CT

    • Emmanuel Cecchet/Scott Clark/Tom Kimsey/Dan Downey: 19th overall, 14th in class A

Okemo 2 hillclimb

    • Margaret Sharron: 1st place U1 class

    • Emmanuel Cecchet: 7th place S1 class (in U1 car)

No videos, forgot cameras at home!

Canaan Rallycross and DoubleCross

  • Emmanuel Cecchet: 1st place RallyX SA class

  • Margaret Sharron: 3rd place RallyX SA class

  • Emmanuel Cecchet: 1st place DoubleX (same car for both AutoX and RallyX class)

Okemo I hillclimb

    • Emmanuel Cecchet: 2nd place in P1

    • Margaret Sharron: 3rd place in S1

SCCA Track Night in America at Thompson Speeday

Burke Hillclimb 2015

    • ZFrog: DNF, bellhousing failure

    • PrincesSTI: So much grip!

Palmer Motorsport Park track day - May 24, 2015

Mt Snow Rallycross - May 16, 2015 in Le Toad 2

    • Emmanuel Cecchet - 1st place SA

    • Scott Clark - 4th place SA

    • Kathy Moody - 5th place SA

AMEC Ice Racing, Warner Lake NY - Mar 8, 2015

  • Emmanuel Cecchet - 1st place finish in final heat

AMEC Ice Racing, Warner Lake NY - Mar 1, 2015

  • Emmanuel Cecchet - 3rd place finish

AMEC Ice Racing, Warner Lake NY - Feb 15, 2015

  • Emmanuel Cecchet - 2nd place finish