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Who are we?

The whole adventure was started by Emmanuel Cecchet, a French Frog who married Margaret Sharron, the American Princess. More info on the story in the movie below!

Emmanuel Cecchet / Travis Pastrana / Margaret Sharron at Climb to the Clouds 2017 award ceremony

This history of Frog Racing

Scott Clark (left below) our great friend, racer and co-driver also runs the legal aspects of the Frog Racing foundation).

Our regular codrivers are Caleb Pocock and Mike Willard for the 2017 season.
Left to right: Caleb Pocock / John Buffum / Emmanuel Cecchet / Margaret Sharron / Mike Willard

We are just car enthusiasts sharing the same passion. Join the fun!

You can contact Emmanuel (aka Le Frog) at
Photo credit: Eric Amato Photography

2014 NEHA Rookie of the year award (E. CECCHET)
2014 NEHA Excellence in Wheeling award (E. CECCHET)
2014 3rd place NER SCCA RallyX Championship SA class (E. CECCHET)
2015 ESPR 3rd place overall and OAH (E. CECCHET)
2015 NEHA Pushrod of Promise Award (M. SHARRON)
2015 KSCC Walt Rowe Sportsmanship Award (E. CECCHET)
2015 2nd place NER SCCA RallyX Championship MA class (E. CECCHET)
2016 BRS 3rd place OAH (E. CECCHET)
2016 NEHA R1 Rally Class Champion (1. E. CECCHET / 2. M. SHARRON)
2017 NEHA R1 Rally Class Champion (1. M. SHARRON)
2017 Climb to the Cloud - 3rd place Rally class (E. CECCHET)
2018 STPR 4WD Limited Regional (Day 1: 2. E. CECCHET/3. M. SHARRON, Day 2: 1. E. CECCHET/3. M/ SHARRON)
2018 NEFR 4WD Limited Regional (Day 1: 2. E. CECCHET/3. M. SHARRON, Day 2: 2. E. CECCHET)
2018 Eastern Regional ARA Rally Champion Limited 4WD  (1. E. CECCHET / 3. M. SHARRON)