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Who are we?

The whole adventure was started by Emmanuel Cecchet, a French Frog who married Margaret, the American Princess. More info on the story in the movie below!

Emmanuel Cecchet / Travis Pastrana / Margaret Sharron at Climb to the Clouds 2017 award ceremony

This history of Frog Racing

Scott Clark (left below) our great friend, racer and co-driver also runs the legal aspects of the Frog Racing foundation).

Our regular codrivers are Caleb Pocock and Mike Willard for the 2017 season.
Left to right: Caleb Pocock / John Buffum / Emmanuel Cecchet / Margaret Sharron / Mike Willard

We are just car enthusiasts sharing the same passion. Join the fun!

You can contact Emmanuel (aka Le Frog) at
Photo credit: Eric Amato Photography