Race with us

Discover the various aspects of racing by joining us as a pit crew member, a driver or benefit from our logistics at the track.

Pit Crew

Be part of the racing team and enjoy the race from the inside. It is usually free to join us as a pit crew at most events. Some venues might require minor waiver forms and you might need a valid license to ride along.

Here are some of the things you can do as a Frog Racing Pit Crew member:

    • Learn how an event is run

    • Meet other racers

    • Help with car prep

    • Help with notes and race logs

    • Learn about car setup

    • Help with tire changes, mechanical fixes...

    • Check car between runs (e.g. tire pressures and temperature, fluid levels...)

    • Help with driver switches and checklists

    • Record car telemetry and analyze run performance

    • Setup on-board cameras and analyze footage

    • Participate as a course worker

    • Ride as a passenger

    • Wear awesome Frog Racing shirts and hats

    • and most importantly... have fun!

Crew for us at stage rally and watch the Pit Crew training video:

Contact us at info@frogracing.us to join us as a pit crew for a future event.


Some of our cars are available to co-drive at specific events. Just contribute to the general expenses (gas, tires...) and help us with eventual repairs to enjoy driving without having to use your own car.

On specific occasions, our cars could also be rented for an event, just contact us at info@frogracing.us to see what is doable!

You can also bring your own car and join our team and benefit from our experience and logistics at the venue. Our on-board cameras and telemetry hardware can also be rented! See our Technology section to see how you can improve your driving with our help.

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Road Racing