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Pit Crew / Service

Be part of the racing team and enjoy the race from the inside. It is usually free to join us as a pit crew at most events. Some venues might require minor waiver forms and you might need a valid license to ride along.
Here are some of the things you can do as a Frog Racing Pit Crew member:
  • Learn how an event is run
  • Meet other racers
  • Help with car prep
  • Help with notes and race logs
  • Learn about car setup
  • Help with tire changes, mechanical fixes and services in timed control environment...
  • Check car between runs (e.g. tire pressures and temperature, fluid levels...)
  • Help with driver switches and checklists
  • Record car telemetry and analyze run performance
  • Setup on-board cameras and analyze footage
  • Participate as a course worker
  • Ride as a passenger
  • Wear awesome Frog Racing shirts and hats
  • and most importantly... have fun!

Rally service

During a stage rally, there are scheduled times for service that needs to be performed in a limited amount of time (usually ranging from 20 to 40 minutes). There are a number of routine checks that have to be performed (see our checklist attached to this page for short and long service items to check: and sometimes some more important repair or fixes that need to be addressed. The video below shows all the operations that the service crew might have to perform.

Service crew training video

Quick index of what is in the video:
0:05 Pit crew introduction
3:40 Presentation of our Rally Cars
10:44 Tools and parts
24:53 QuickJack operation
32:13 Short service
36:31 Generator operation
38:18 Wheel change
41:51 Long service
43:25 Brakes
48:35 Coilovers/Suspension
56:38 Trailer
58:19 Winch

Updated section on DMS coilover install:

DMS coilover installation

DMS coilover maintenance:

DMS coilover service/regrease

Here is a list of tools we carry on board the rally car:

Safety equipment and toolbox content


Inevitably things will break during rallies even with the best possible prep. It is necessary to carry spares with you so that the car can be fixed at service. Here is a list of spares we carry with us:
  • wheels/tires
  • brake rotors/pads/calipers
  • cv axles front/rear (complete and/or boots)
  • ball joints
  • swaybar end links
  • control arms/spindles/knuckles/trailing arms (4 corners)
  • suspension (4 corners)
  • driveshaft
  • differential
  • clutch/transmission (if multi-day rally)
  • radiator
  • hoses (vacuum, fuel line, brake lines...)
  • fuses/relays/light bulbs/electrical wire
Check with Wali at for great deals on spare packages.

Spare parts and trailer organization

Pit cart and trailer loading

Pit crew Hall of Fame
Here is a list of people who helped us as pit crew:
  • Fred Duell (Suby Solutions) - Crew Chief at Black River Stages 2016, ESPR 2016, Perce Neige 2017, CTTC 2017, Rally Defi 2017, Perce Neige 2018, STPR 2018, NEFR 2018
  • Zack Taylor - Perce Neige 2017, Rally Defi 2017, Perce Neige 2018, STPR 2018, NEFR 2018, Crew Chief Lanak 2019
  • Joe Sanguinetti - ESPR 2016, CTTC 2017, STPR 2018, NEFR 2018
  • Gabe Jacobsohn - CTTC 2017, Rally Defi 2017
  • Todd Kemp Richardson - Rally Defi 2017, RallyX
  • Dan Downey (Downey Dirty Racing) - LeMons Thompson 2016, ESPR 2016
  • Jonathan Vanderhuge - Rallysprints
  • Dan Colburn - BRS 2016
  • Joey Levesque - BRS 2016
  • Stephen Levesque - BRS 2016
  • Kevin Brolin - ESPR 2016 
  • Mike Driver - ESPR 2015
  • Devin O'Connor - ESPR 2015
  • Casey Pease - AutoX
  • Ian Cook - ESPR 2016
  • Morris Levy - RallyX
  • Michael Morbois - Perce Neige 2018
  • Jen Brown - Perce Neige 2018, Lanark 2019
  • Jeff Denmeade - STPR 2018
  • Colin Duel (Suby Solutions) - NEFR 2018
  • Phil Cherok - Rallysprint, NEFR 2018
  • Maggie Anne -  Rallysprint, NEFR 2018
  • Elijah Hammarlund: Lanark 2019

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